Lançamento do livro ” O Poder do Brainspotting”

28 de setembro de 2018

Partilhamos a mensagem de David Grand sobre o lançamento do  livro  ” O Poder do Brainspotting “, com artigos de diferentes brainspotters do mundo entre eles André Monteiro.

To all Brainspotting Therapists:

I proudly announce that my German Trainer and Organizer Gerhard Wolfrum has collected articles from the international Brainspotting trainer community and published them in the book titled: “The Power of Brainspotting”

The trainers write about their areas of expertise including topics like, Brainspotting and attunement, grounding, kids, complex trauma, dissociation just to name a few.

To see more details andhow to order the hard copy or e book, please use the following link:

I am very grateful to Gerhard and all the chapter authors who took the time and effort to help explore Brainspotting in all it’s uniqueness and complexity.

David Grand
President of Brainspotting Trainings Inc.

Informações sobre o livro em inglês.

This book provides chapters written by Brainspotting experts from around the world. Each author is writing from the expertise that she or he has integrated into the Brainspotting model. These chapters are rich and informative and creatively expand the foundational model. Each chapter posits and elaborates a specific framed approach that enhances and expands Brainspotting.

01 > Mario Salvador: Brainspotting, Attunement, and Presence in the Therapeutic Relationship
02 > Cynthia Schwartzberg: Brainspotting and Grounding
03 > Susan Pinco: WAIT… Why Am I Talking: An Exploration of the Role of Silence in Brainspotting Therapy
04 > Deborah Antinori: Grief and Brainspotting Therapy
05 > Susan Pinco: Finding, Holding and Adjusting the Frame; Utilizing the Core Elements of Brainspotting to Facilitate Healing in Individuals with Complex Trauma
06 > Andre Mauricio Monteiro: Multifocal Brainspotting and Dissociation: Moving the Internal System from Entropy to Synergy
07 > Mario Salvador: Brainspotting, Dissociation and Ego States
08 > Monika Baumann & Martha Jacobi: Brainspotting with Children and Adolescents
09 > Mark Grixti: Attachment-Focussed Brainspotting with Children and Young People
10 > Santiago Brand: BrainSpotting, qEEG, Biofeedback and Neurofeedback: Towards an Integrative Approach to Trauma Healing and Regulation
11 > Calder Kaufman: The Yips Reconceptualized as Conversion Disorder: The Dynamic Brainspotting Treatment of Athletes
12 > Christine Ranck: Brainspotting and Creative Performance

Gerhard Wolfrum (Ed.)
The Power of Brainspotting
An international Anthology
2018, 270 S., 29,50 €, ISBN 978-3-89334-630-1
Expected publication date: August 2018

Order in English: Please send an email to or use the contact form